Log house refurbishment

I’ve always felt this little log house was a bit lacking so this morning I set to work refurbishing and enhancing the house. First I constructed a small porch from cardboard and balsa wood. Then I added balsa strips to the roof to give a little depth to the edging. Finally I added a clay Read More

New feature for 2017

I was extremely pleased with the holographic gnome cave that was the star of the 2016 grotto. So much so that I’ve decided to attempt a more ambitious ‘Pepper’s Ghost’ effect for 2017. As with anything I do this will be very experimental. The basic idea is to use a frame (1.5 x 2m) made Read More

Kaleidoscope cave

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LED stalactites

Take a pre-wired LED. I get mine from ebay.   Wrap in kitchen foil. Make sure the LED is protruding.   Roll the foil and trim off any excess.   Get busy with your glue gun. Whilst hanging the LED down.   Things will start to drip quickly.   If the drips get out of Read More

New mushroom house

Surprisingly I still have a few unused mushroom tops that I made a few years ago. So, I made a cardboard cylinder. Covered with wallpaper lining paper and then kitchen roll. I also made a fake brick chimney stack. That was just a simple cardboard shape covered with a brick print texture. It was a Read More

Inspiration for 2016

  It’s only January but I’m already thinking about next December. I recently came across a website which has inspired me to create something which I hope week turn out to be truly amazing. If you take a look at this website you might get an idea of where I’m going with this http://jeffdesom.com/holorama Read More

2015 Photos

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Log houses

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Village Well

This is the first little extra I’ve made for the mushroom house village. Just a few sticks, a couple of tiny bits of plywood, some slate mulch held together with lashings and lashings of hot glue. I’ve still got to add some sort of winder mechanism to make it look like a proper well. Read More

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