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What could this be?

Well, after a lot of fiddling and rearranging my temporary stand it seems to work. Interestingly it doesn’t work the way that I envisioned it to; but work it does. “But what on earth is it?” I hear you ask….. Read More

Only two weeks to go!

I can’t believe it’s only two weeks till the winter fair. I don’t feel like I’m even remotely prepared. I just hope that I get enough time over the weekend to finish some of the projects that I’ve started. Read More

Crystal pond tests

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Door repairs and upgrades

When I first created the small cave doors for the grotto it honestly never occurred to me that we would still be using them years later. As the frames were just mounted onto a piece of hardboard and flex way too much I’m now attaching a wooden frame to the back to make them a Read More

New mushroom house (pt2)

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Tree trunk houses

Once the foam is dry in 24 hours, assuming that this doesn’t turn out to be a complete disaster; I will carve the foam and try to create a bark effect. Read More

Laser cutting woes

I popped in to work today (Sunday) to fire up our old laser cutter which doesn’t get used from one year to the next since we got a flatbed knife cutter. Unfortunately it seems that there’s something wrong with the laser so I couldn’t cut the new water wheel.I had quick scout around the web Read More

New mushroom house (pt1)

bell shapes cut and scored on flatbed cutting table folded in half each folded segment taped to the next segment 3 different shapes small pieces of card used as spacers to hold gills apart more cardboard spacers at the bottom kitchen roll base with 50/50 pva and water more ktchen roll gradually taking shape completely Read More

Water feature thoughts

Last year was the first time we had a working water feature in the grotto. I used a large paddling pool which I also lined with pond liner so as to avoid any chance of a leak. The pool housed a water wheel that I made the previous year from laser cut plywood. Although it Read More

Crystal cave construction photos

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