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New Gnome Bed

Last year I was upset that I couldn’t find the bed that lived inside the gnome cottage. It was only later that Lucy reminded me that I’d given it to our children to play with and it had subsequently been trodden on. So this year I decided to make a new one. Constructed again from Read More

New water Wheel

  The new water wheel isn’t going quite to plan. I’ve glued all of the blades onto one side but it seems impossible to align all of the parts and glue the second side on. I might file down all of the tabs on the second side apart from a couple for alignment. Read More

Crystal Pond

The crystal pond in now pretty much finished. As a finishing touch I added some beech nut led flowers and also a bridge so that the gnomes can reach one of the mushroom mouses that I will place behind the pond. Read More

Flora’s Birthday Fairy House

I would very much like this little fairy house that I made for Flora’s Fifth Birthday last week to be part of the grotto this year. I think it would look fantastic next to the water wheel. I think there is a strong chance that the fairies will leave a note asking to visit the Read More

Slate roofs

I’m experimenting with making natural slate roofs for various grotto creations. I’ve got a bag of slate mulch for about £7.I’ve bonded some to a small piece of plywood using tile adhesive. The tile adhesive is a bit too white for my liking. Strange that you can’t get it in a moss colour… maybe that Read More

First photos of the new crystal cave

First photo of the almost completed crystal cave. I will post some more detailed pictures and construction photos a bit later. Read More

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